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This very appetising soft food is the world leader in bird nutrition. It’s high protein and low fat content are scientifically formulated and handcrafted by expert Biologists specialising in bird nutrition. It will give your
birds the best balanced diet available, and you the breeder the assured peace of mind during the breeding season.

5Kg. bag



 bakery products, cereals, pure egg,various ingredients of vegetable origin, sugar,
beneficial seeds, dehydrated fruit, mineral substances, natural flavours, calcium proprionate.
A, E, B1, C, B6, D3, B13, K3, PP.
Treanine, Lisine, Leucine, Betaine.
Iron, Zinc, Mangonese, Cobalt, Copper, Iodine, Magnesium, Selenium.
Moisture 8.0%, Ash 4%, Fat 1.5%, Fibre 4%, Protein 20.0%.

This top of the range egg food is appreciated by top breeders worldwide as it is the best medium for rearing strong healthy young to their best potential. The dehydrated fruit and vegetables added to the pre-baked ingredients make it a unique product which many competitors have tried to match,unsuccessfully. It also contains special ingredients which will give will give the feathers softness and silkiness, making this product the best of its kind.
It can be fed dry or slightly moistened all year round and during the breeding season it should be
slightly moistened with water, fruit juice or soaked seed, and you will notice that, if correctly moistened, it should increase in volume by up to 50%. Please note that once moistened the egg food should be replaced every 24hours. (If any left over!) 







1 Kg. Container

(Used and recommended by Phil Warne) The major nutritional need and the small digestive capability of the nestlings in respect of adult birds has encouraged Pineta Laboratories to carry out special and specific diet research.Vitovo is the Avante -garde nutritional product which responds completely to all dietic needs of the young subjects. Super energetic, hyper-proteinic and complete with vitamins and minerals, it will rebalance the elements that are essential for correct growth and the maintenance of an optimal physiological condition. The resulting proportions of vitamin, amino acids, and mineral elements like Cobalt, Copper, Iron, Zinc and Iodine (which have a catalysing function in numerous enzimatic reactions), combined with easily digestible substance, will help to maintain young birds in a very healthy condition. The administration of VITOVO is advised from the first day of life, fed with a stick or syringe (after dilution of the product with an amount of water which will obtain a soft, creamy, velvety pap). As a protein concentrate this product can be used for upgrading the protein content of all egg foods.
CONTAINS: Vitamins, A, D3, E, B2, B6, PP, B12, K, Folic Acid, D-Pantontenic Acid, Coline, Iron, Copper, Zinc, Manganese, Cobalt, Iodine, Protein 36%.




 Semi moist organic new formula for seed eating cage and aviary birds.


Components: Bakery products, cereals, pure egg, 

various   ingredients  of  vegetable   origin,   sugar, beneficial seed, dehydrated fruit, mineral substances beneficial seeds, dehydrated fruit, mineral substances,

calcium propionate.


Vitamins:  A, E, B1, B2, C, B6, D3, B13, K3, PP

Aminoacids: Treonine, Lisine, Leucine, Betaine. 

Minerals: Iron, zinc, manganese, cobalt, copper, 

iodine, magnesium, selenium.

Analysis: Protein 18%, Fat 5%, Ash 3.08%, 

Fibre 2.15%, Moisture 8%.

To be fed straight from the packet all year round, can be mixed with sprouted seed.

Especially efficient during the breeding season.



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