Simon's Exclusive


Pineta celebrated in 2010, 50 years since it’s formation, and in this half century of activity
in the ornithology sector has conquered the trust of top professional breeders and the 
best specialist suppliers in Europe.

Our research and development are of the highest standards allowing us to offer every breeder the best quality and the most appropriate solution to their own needs and giving our customers a made to measure service.

In this very competitive market, these characteristics are usually ignored as the aim of most
other companies is always for higher profits.

In contrast ”Pineta Zootecnici” main objective is to be a major contributor in the successes obtained by major Italian and European breeders.

We at “Pineta Zootecnici”, guarantee immediate response in processing orders of the best top
quality products which are always fresh and made with the best organic natural ingredients. 

Finally our flexible approach towards the breeders gives the security of a balanced, appetising 
and healthy diet which they can always depend upon.

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