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The only Herbal Probiotic
On the market

The Fitobiol represents the new method of integration, which will optimally utilise the nutritional values, stimulating the metabolism to achieve maximal health.

The Fitobiol is a nutritional supplement made with natural mineral and vegetable substances of which birds and pigeons in the wild eat when they feel the need. It’s high rebalancing powers are accompanied by actions on the metabolism, adjusting the conditions by eliminating the Catabolites (discarded Metabolites). The Fitobiol will enhance the assimilative and digestive process, creating a balanced state in the stimulation of organic functions, from digestion to assimilation and detoxication. The substances present, will favour a PROBIOTIC, Auxinic and dietetic action which will help the formation of natural defences in the intestines, against bacterial diseases, drastically reducing chick mortality, will eliminate inflammation of intestinal mucus which is the main cause of diarrhoea and other gastric problems.

The Fitobiol will act on several important functions of the organs, on the respiratory apparatus: is helpful against colds, on the circulatory apparatus will favour the abdominal circulation, in anaemic cases will activate the cellular osmosis, will regulate, stimulate, and balance the function of the genital organs.

The Fitobiol will also eminate a stimulating tonic action, and will also fight weakness thanks to its re-mineralising powers. It will give health, vitality and stamina and will stimulate the song and favour brilliant feathers. It is completely compatible with all other foods and additives. It can be fed at lib or mixed with the egg food.

DOSAGE: 50 gms per kilo of food or feed at lib in a separate pot

ACTIVE SUBSTANCES: Vitamins A, D3, C, E, B1, B2, B12, PP, K, D-Patotenic Acid, Folic Acid. Compound specially formulated for the birds’ intestinal apparatus. 

400g. container

Vell Brill 
An excellent additive for egg food in the moulting season. Helps towards a perfect and fast moult and will give birds beautiful velvety and silky feathers.
Active Substances: Vitamins  H, H1, PP, Pathotenic Acid,  Coline, Iron, Copper, Zinc,Iodine and Nutionine.

Dosage:: 20gms per Kilo of Egg Food.

200g. Container

Cip Sal 
Biocatalizing Active Supplement. Indispensible for the formation of strong bones and muscle structure and to avoid deficiencies, malformation and nervousness. Combines all the most important macro and micro mineral elements for organicsynthesis with bio-regulative process. It has a strong concentration of minerals such as Iron, Copper, Zinc, Manganese, Cobalt, and Iodine.
Dosage: It should always be available at lib, as it is indispensable before breeding,during egg laying and for the young growing birds.

500g. Container:




The liquid version of Cipsal, a complete calcium additive with Synergic action for total calcic assimilation for all birds. Will aid good hatchability and prevent dead in shell. Will balance the level of Calcium for healthy development of young birds and enhancing a strong skeleton and muscular formation.
Active Substances: Calcium, Vitamins A, D3, E.
Dosage: : 10ml per litre of water.

250ml. Containers

Acidifying compound for the drinking water. 

Acidification of water, helps to maintain a healthy intestine and favours the development of lactobacillus.

Dosage: :24 drops per liter of water

250ml. Container


Garlic and vegetable oil compound will help maintain the birds in top condition.
Mix with seed or soft food at least once a week all year round.

250ml. Container



A highly absorbent Herbal Compound specially formulated to limit the damage caused by mycotoxins.
Mix 2 g. per Kg. of egg food during breeding and moulting season.
400g. Container


A mineral and herbal Compound cleanses the organism and neutralises the effects of toxic substances.
Mix 10 g. per kg. of eggfood during breeding and moulting season.

400g. Container
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